Not everything that happens in Vegas, stays there!

DSCF4009I’m here waiting for my next flight and thought about writing this short post, describing a recent experience I’ve had.

Last week, I had the pleasure to join all Splunkers during our Sales Kickoff (SKO) event in Las Vegas. What can I say? First time in that entertainment world capital, amazing atmosphere, great stories and awesome event.

Besides putting faces to names (or emails), it was a great opportunity to discuss and get instant feedback from a bunch of smart people, which by the way, is one of many  characteristics, part of this big data giant, as people are accessible and open for ideas and (technical) discussions.

Ultimately, all that will definitely not stay in Vegas as the cliche says, but be part of another nice experience within my career that I will keep sharing. It’s been an exciting ride so far at Splunk! Hope to be there next year, wherever it’s going to be!