Philosecurity: Hackers and the Power Grid

Compartilho abaixo mais um post interessante dessa garota do MIT :) Bem menos hollywoodiano que a famosa reportagem do 60 minutes.

I really loved Robert Graham’s article about the Brazilian power outages. He writes:

“Most rumors of hacker infiltrations are false. If you investigate computers in any large organization hard enough, you’ll find malware. This doesn’t mean hackers have broken in, because most viruses are not under control of the hacker who launched them. Also, things get on computers that trigger deep scans from anti-virus scanners that are not necessarily malicious malware. This malware becomes a distraction to finding the true cause of what happened. Thus, when investigating a power outage, finding malware on computers doesn’t mean hackers caused the outage.”

Sure, mankind created the Internet. That doesn’t mean we’re in charge.

When Robert Tappan Morris wrote the code for the first Internet worm, did he expect that it would spread? Sure. Did he expect that it would take down 10% of the Internet? No way.

When Chén Yíngháo wrote the very nasty Chernobyl virus back in 1998, did he expect that it would demolish over 700,000 systems worldwide, including the Korean Supreme Court and Turkish police departments? Nope. (And companies like IBM, Yamaha Corp. and Activision certainly didn’t intend to distribute it in their commercial products.)

People don’t control the Internet, just like the sun doesn’t go around the earth. A single computer sitting on your desk at work is the product of millions of people’s efforts, and the environment and the technology are constantly changing. Malware spreads like bacteria. Large networks of computers are like organisms which we can only generally predict.

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2 thoughts on “Philosecurity: Hackers and the Power Grid

  1. Não é a toa que algumas pragas cybernéticas são chamadas de vírus. Ou seja, desde que o ser humano surgiu, os vírus já habitavam na Terra. E por pior que pareça, nunca vamos conseguir nos desfazer de todos eles.

    É quase a mesma coisa dos malwares de computadores. Desde que os computadores (+hackers) surgiram, vai ser difícil nos desfazer de todos os malwares existentes.

    Conclusão: trabalho é que não vai faltar! Hehehe

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